Searching – 80’s WHITE TALKING CAT Mattel HUGGY BUDDY Ow! That Hurts!!

Rebecca is still searching for this cat. Thanks to an email snafu she has not been reading our emails, but that has now been corrected, hopefully.

Mattel Gray and White Talking Cat with Plastic HeartI am looking for the all white version of the Mattel Vintage Huggie Buddy cat. It would say, “Ow it hurts!” if you squeezed his ear. I think it said, “Oh that tickles!” if you tickled his foot. It had a small plastic heart on his chest, and the talking box was in his back. Even if you were able to find a different color that would be fine, but I had an all white one.

As a kid, I had one of these when I was in the hospital sick. I somehow have lost it over the years, but would like to find another one. My sister and I had countless memories with this cat, and I would love to find another one to hand down to my son.

Thank you for your help,


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Originally posted 12/05/2009

Posted Jan 22, 2013


Searching – 80’s WHITE TALKING CAT Mattel HUGGY BUDDY Ow! That Hurts!! — 14 Comments

  1. I remember seeing one of these about a year or 2 ago on Ebay and it got bid up over $100 bucks. I don't think this was the name though? Are you sure the name is correct?? I have not seen one since, but I will keep my eye out for one. Good Luck:)

  2. Here is one on Ebay new listing just found it. These are pretty scarce and don't last long – #150396818940. Good Luck

  3. Sorry I forgot the post code #120509-4

    Here is one on Ebay new listing just found it. These are pretty scarce and don't last long – #150396818940. Good Luck

  4. thank you guys so much for your help. 90 dollars is a lot of money for this cat! I'm not 100% sure on the name, but apparently they are really rare. the last one went for $46 but started off at $5 in perfect condition, i think $90 is way to high. but thanks for keeping an eye out for it. please let me know if you find a less expensive one.

  5. Hi Rebecca,
    Looks like this one has a Best Offer option so you may be able to get it for less. Good Luck & Merry Christmas. John

  6. #120509-4

    I've been trying to get a sense of how much sellers will take when they put a BIN, and it seems to be about 20% less.

  7. POST CODE #120509-4

    I do not know if you are still looking but on ebay now.
    ebay# 220874090548
    Please let us know if still searching, found or no longer searching.

  8. POST CODE #120509-4
    Here are two more options. First one is lower cost.

    ebay #220874090548
    ebay #250943044087

  9. POST CODE #120509-4
    I apologize for not getting back with you sooner thank you all for helping me find this cat. I am still interested and haven’t gotten any notifications, I just found this update in a random folder on AOL. I am going to double check the eBay listings now thank you for your help and if you do find one I am still interested thank you thank you

  10. POST CODE #120509-4

    ebay #330818719196 white
    three gray in ebay search under mattel huggie

  11. Hi Rebecca, I just listed a Mattel Huggy Buddy White Cat that you have been looking for. The item number is 321565454607
    Thanks Gary
    Post Code #10488

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