FOUND – 80’s Fisher Price PUFFALUMP BLUE BEAR Wearing a ROMPER

Fisher Price Puffalump Blue Bear with Blue RomperI’m looking for a 1986 Fisher Price blue bear Puffalump wearing a romper.

My Grandfather gave me this the last Christmas I had with him. I was 6. “Puff” was my most beloved childhood toy. I’m 27 now, and unfortunately I have no idea what happened to him over the years. I’m heartbroken.

I’ve searched and searched and had no luck. Please help!!!



If you can help Melanie find this 80’s Fisher Price Puffalump Blue Bear Wearing a Romper, THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MANAGED. Please use Our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP, including the POST CODE #12584, but if possible – PLEASE USE THE COMMENT BOX.

Originally posted Tuesday – 03/02/2010

Please be sure you Contact US with an email address that is correct, and that you will be using for a long time!! I can’t help you if I can’t contact you!!

Posted Mar 2, 2010


FOUND – 80’s Fisher Price PUFFALUMP BLUE BEAR Wearing a ROMPER — 1 Comment

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