Searching – Baby GUND no 58231 Dottie Dots Yellow Duck Blankie

We have a mailing list of families looking for the different Dottie Dots blankies.

I’m looking for a Baby GUND DOTTIE DOTS No. 58231 16 inch square blankie. It has a yellow chenille duck head on one corner of the yellow velour white polka dot side. It has a yellow knit backing with satin piped binding.

My daughter has had this duckie for 4 yrs and recently lost it. We have turned the house upside down, cleaned two cars, back tracked to all restaurants, mall and stores with no luck. She has added this to her Christmas and believes Santa will bring it on the 25th. We can not find this duckie anywhere, it is discontinued. Ugh!!!



If you can help Patrick find this Baby GUND no 58231 Dottie Dots Yellow Duck Blankie, CONTACT US, including the POST CODE #24748, but if possible – PLEASE USE THE COMMENT BOX.

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Please be sure you Contact US with an email address that is correct, and that you will be using for a long time!! We can’t help you if we can’t contact you!!

Posted Dec 11, 2012


Searching – Baby GUND no 58231 Dottie Dots Yellow Duck Blankie — 4 Comments

  1. POST CODE #24748

    I found several different blankets on ebay:

    ebay#230896278073 green frog

    ebay#150963539440 green frog

    ebay#400362534825 green frog

    ebay#310532333531 green frog

    ebay#160938197343 blue dog

    ebay#271120008531 yellow duck

    ebay#221164110362 yellow duck

    ebay#121035671231 yellow duck

    ebay#380532532795 green frog

    ebay#380532532799 blue dog

    ebay#271117722536 green frog

    ebay#370704257186 green frog

    ebay#360518842424 blue dog

    ebay#170944937200 yellow duck

    ebay#321025605410 green frog

    ebay#170940506013 green frog

    ebay#181003546765 green frog

    ebay#330807871814 green frog

    ebay#360493973206 green frog

    ebay#150914650314 blue dog

    ebay#221133001523 blue dog

    ebay#221132987932 green frog

    ebay#380478614691 green frog

    ebay#360486993825 green frog

    ebay#230816941877 green frog

    ebay#251086645910 blue dog

    ebay#270990288192 green frog

    ebay#251072357847 green frog

    ebay#370598481560 green frog

    ebay#370596101878 yellow duck

    ebay#230746100905 green frog

    ebay#230722955472 blue dog

    ebay#160703698583 green frog

    ebay#360407083500 green frog

    ebay#130448336088 green frog

    ebay#360133599986 green frog

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