Searching – PINK and WHITE BLOND 90s Eden DOLL Top Priority

We now have a mailing list for this doll.

90′s Eden PINK & WHITE BLOND DOLL TOP PRIORITYI’m looking for a 90′s Eden doll with a pink sleeper and white gingham bonnet. The doll is about 10 inches long with blonde yarn hair.

My mom bought this doll for me when I was a baby. When my dad’s house went into foreclosure, he left behind a lot of toys from when I was young, including this doll. My mom was recently diagnosed from breast cancer. I’m away at college and would love to find this doll so I can mail it home to her, to remind her of better times.



If you can help Amy find this 90′s Eden PINK & WHITE BLOND DOLL, THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MANAGED. Please use Our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP, including the POST CODE #25184

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Posted Feb 11, 2013


Searching – PINK and WHITE BLOND 90s Eden DOLL Top Priority — 10 Comments

  1. Hey sorry to hear about that. its very hard to find this doll im surprised i still have mine. Shes limp and her bows gone but shes still perfect to me. I hope you find one!<3

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