FOUND – Yellow Gingham Thermal Raggedy Ann and Andy Blanket Disaster Priority

Yellow Gingham Thermal Raggedy Ann and Andy BlanketI’m looking for a Yellow and white gingham Raggedy Ann and Andy blanket with yellow satin trim. It is a Thermal/Acrylic/Waffle Weave material. Approximately 40×38 inches, made by Bobbs Merrill Co in the 70’s. They were sold in the 70’s at JCPenney.

I’ve had this blanket for 37 years. It’s held up very well until our house burned down Nov. 14, 2012. I know it sounds silly, but this is the “feel better blankie” for everyone who is sick or sad in the house. I also wanted to pass it on to my daughters one day when they had children of their own. I desperately want to find another one.

I’ve seen lots of the matching sheet sets, but only two pics of the actual blanket. Any help would be appreciated!



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Posted Mar 23, 2013


FOUND – Yellow Gingham Thermal Raggedy Ann and Andy Blanket Disaster Priority — 18 Comments

  1. I am also looking for this blanket. Have been for years. It was my baby blanket and it was stolen from my mothers house along with a bunch of other things. But this blanket was very special. It was one of the only things my grandfather gave me. If you happen to find an extra please let me know. I have bookmarked this page. On the off chance that I find some someday I’ll let you know.
    Post Code #25301

  2. I had one of these blankets as well. The binding was off and it was really faded, but I loved my ‘raggie’. It went with me to the hospital and all four births of my children. Would love to find another one. Please let me know if you do. P
    Post Code #25301

  3. I’m also trying to find this blanket in practically any condition. It was lost during a move and was the families ‘blankie’. Please contact if you have one for sale.
    Post Code #25301

  4. Have searched all over for this blanket…I would buy one in just about any condition. Want my baby to have the same blankie as ke.
    Post Code #25301

  5. I did find it on ebay and was able to talk the seller into making it a BIN for $12.95! I was never so happy in my life!
    Post Code #25301

  6. We have had multiple requests in recent years for this blanket and finally found one in fair to good condition–faded, with silky edge mostly intact. The problem is–who should get it. We think ebay is the best way, so we would show no partiality. When is the best time to list it so most of these folks here can be informed of its availability? Thanks in advance for info/reply. Charles & Cheryl Platt @ Raggedy Land
    Post Code #25301

  7. I found mine on ebay a few months ago! I think that is totally fair to people that are still looking for it.
    Post Code #25301

  8. I TOO have been looking for this. It was my baby blanket as well. If anyone knows where one is I would love to buy it.
    Post Code #25301

  9. I’m desperately looking for this blanket and have been for many years! If anyone has any information on where I can find one please let me know!
    Post Code #25301

  10. I have this same blankie! I have had it since before I was born. It was my mom’s second blankie. I am almost 22. I can sleep without it but prefer not to. Mine is faded, many holes (it could be a cape), and most satin trim is gone. I want to find another to keep for my future child. This blankie has traveled to many states as well as two countries. It was left at a relative’s a state away and mailed back. It is my comfort/feel good blankie. For life!
    Post Code #25301

  11. I’ve been looking for this blanket to replace a very worn and tattered one from 1973. Please let me know if another is found ♥
    Post Code #25301

  12. Same for me. Although when I went to purchase on e-bay, price was a little different for me… over $100!! Worth it, I suppose. It would be great to be updated about found blankets as well!
    Post Code #25301

  13. There is a buy it now raggedy blanket on ebay item #151484467430
    right now for about $60 for those that are interested. I am not the one that listed it, but I know many people are looking for this item, so I am hoping one of you see it asap since I know it will sell fast.
    Post Code #25301

  14. If anyone has one of these blankets and wants to sell it, let me know. I’m willing to pay $$$$. Name your price. Need to find one before Christmas.
    Post Code #25301

  15. Someone please list one on Ebay and start the auction at $150. Thanks!
    Post Code #25301

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