Searching – 60s White with Black Spots Dog with Red Scull Cap – Similar to Morgan Dog

This dog is similar to the dog Dale is looking for, but his should have black ears and a red skullcap.

Vintage Similar to Morgan Dog I’m looking for a vintage dog from my childhood. It had button and felt eyes, and it may have been white with some large black spots.The closest I have seen is a plush dog called a Morgan (EBay item 370777754513). However, mine had black ears and possibly large black spots. It also had a red cap (skullcap style) with a small white Pom Pom on top. It had the same felt and button eyes, but no music box. It had the same shape feet as the Morgan, but a more rounded bobbed tail.

I think that’s all I remember, other than it was the first toy I remember getting as a child, probably because I had it for so long. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve seen it last, and I’m not sure of the brand, but as I search places like Ebay the closest I get is a “Morgan” dog. However I don’t remember the nose squeaking and it had a small red hat on. Otherwise I remember it looking a lot like the “Morgan” dogs I’ve seen.

I know this makes it harder, but all I have to work with is a faded memory. I have never seen one since I started looking a few years ago. I have nothing from my childhood, so I thought it would be special to replace this favorite childhood companion.
I think it was a gift for my birthday in 1964, and I lost track of it when I left for collage. I have been looking for it for years. Any help is appreciated.



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Posted Apr 18, 2013

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