Searching – Large Les Petits No 17064 Applause Marcel Clown in Primary Colors

Dina is also looking for this clown, with or without the Les Petits patch.

Applause no 17064 Marcel Large Primary Colored ClownI’m looking for an Applause no 17064 Marcel large primary colored clown. It is red, yellow, blue and green in color and about 19 inches long, with Les Petits written on an embroidered patch over his heart.

My daughter has had an Applause plush Marcel clown since she was a baby and now is 18. A dog has badly damaged it, and she is desperate for another.



If you can help Adam find this Large Primary Colored no 17064 Applause Marcel Clown, CONTACT US, including the POST CODE #25653, but if possible – PLEASE USE THE COMMENT BOX.

Searching for a toy – Originally posted Feb 27, 2014

Please be sure you Contact US with an email address that is correct, and that you will be using for a long time!! We can’t help you if we can’t contact you!!

Posted Feb 27, 2014


Searching – Large Les Petits No 17064 Applause Marcel Clown in Primary Colors — 4 Comments

  1. POST CODE #25653,

    ebay #251277296489 Think this is the clown but may be a larger version.

  2. Here are three more options.
    ebay #390626179385
    ebay #360686347604
    ebay #370863478346
    Post Code #25653

  3. im sure youve found one by now. but this is amazing, i have had this same clown since i was a baby. I am now 21 and his still my best pal. glad to see im not the only one.
    Post Code #25653

  4. ebay #161220721128 appears to be the clown with patch. Good luck!
    Post Code #25653

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