Searching – Plaid Playskool Snuzzles Blankies Rabbit Pillow

We have several mailing lists of people looking for the various Snuzzles Blankies animals.

Playskool Snuzzles Blankies Plaid Rabbit PillowI’m looking for the pink plaid Playskool Snuzzles Blankies rabbit. It’s the flat pillow style bunny with satin underside.

I received this Playskool Snuzzle Pink Plaid Bunny at my baby shower (25 years ago). I have obsessively loved it since then until it is now basically all threads and too delicate to love anymore. Now, I realize that as a 25-year-old woman, it’s a little pathetic to still have my lovie, but it brings me so much comfort and happiness.

I have been searching for the same one for years, and I finally discovered the brand and name of it. The only ones I have found online were sold already in 2010. If I could find “Bunny”, (as I so originally named her) my life would be complete. If there‚Äôs anything you can do to help, please do!!!!



If you can help Rosemary find this Playskool Snuzzles Blankies Plaid Rabbit Pillow, THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MANAGED. Please use Our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP, including the POST CODE #25744

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Posted May 18, 2013


Searching – Plaid Playskool Snuzzles Blankies Rabbit Pillow — 5 Comments

  1. POST CODE #25744

    I found some Snuzzles plushies on ebay:

    ebay#171042957398 vibrating bear

    ebay#330923124159 elephant

    ebay#360659555977 vibrating bear

    ebay#350500881913 vibrating bear

    ebay#160961856006 giraffe

    ebay#130911329889 thumb-sucking bear

    ebay#350392362623 lion blankie

    ebay#160885647538 baby doll

    ebay#290817785683 baby doll

    ebay#160978788926 thumb sucking bear

    ebay#130889290800 blue plaid elephant

    ebay#271206754028 vibrating bear

    ebay#250432482189 baby doll

    ebay#360301470827 lion blankie

    ebay#360478281831 elephant

    ebay#330917324361 elephant

    ebay#171027204444 baby doll

    ebay#330826067400 pig

    ebay#230980804579 elephant

    ebay#251147296003 bedtime book

    ebay#380201496476 baby doll

    ebay#290676931722 baby doll

    ebay#190842286216 vibrating bear

    ebay#230966786733 vibrating bear

    ebay#330818817007 baby doll

    ebay#130814469884 baby doll

    ebay#171041947715 baby doll

    ebay#370811785598 elephant

    ebay#150660139231 lion blankie

    ebay#310672312197 baby doll

    ebay#370795011166 pig

    ebay#250948590354 baby doll

    ebay#380643079714 lion blankie

    ebay#110969818863 bedtime book

    ebay#181142248174 lion blankie

    ebay#121074907561 baby doll NIB!

    ebay#321128078111 pig

    ebay#151020913527 flat blue bunny

    ebay#190734195861 vibrating bear

    ebay#310560092654 baby doll

    ebay#251198572285 lion blankie NIB!

    ebay#330275696258 lion blankie

    Best wishes! :)

  2. Hi. I am in dire need (I too am a 24 year old who has had my bunny since I was born) of a new bunny! does anyone know where to locate one?!?!?!
    Post Code #25744

  3. I have the pink plaid Playskool Snuzzles Bunny pillow, asking $75 for it. We use Paypal. Can email you picture :)
    Post Code #25744

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