Searching – 90’s Beagle Dog in Overalls & Checkered Shirt

I am looking for a very old stuffed animal, maybe from the 90’s. It had a dog face (Beagle-inspired), humanoid body in overalls and a checkered shirt. It’s not much to go on, but it’s a long shot anyway.

It means a lot to a friend of mine. He lost this over 15 years ago, then was briefly reunited with a photo of him as a toddler with it, which then became his most important thing. Then the photo was lost by someone else in an unfortunate situation. He feels he will never see it again. I’d love to bring tears of joy to a grown man’s face.

Any help would be appreciated :) Thanks so much!

If you can help Sarah find this 90’s Beagle Dog in Overalls & Checkered Shirt, CONTACT US, including the POST CODE #29654, but if possible – PLEASE USE THE COMMENT BOX.

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Posted Aug 10, 2013


Searching – 90’s Beagle Dog in Overalls & Checkered Shirt — 2 Comments

  1. These might be possibilities:







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