Searching – Kiddie Kingdom YELLOW Doll BABY with Bonnet

Melissa is looking for the YELLOW version of this doll.

Kiddie Kingdom YELLOW Doll Baby with Bonnet I’m looking for an 8 inch terry foam filled Kiddie Kingdom yellow doll embroidered with BABY on her chest. She has white hands and footies, and she’s wearing a matching yellow bonnet with a white eyelet ruffle.

My “yellow baby” was given to me by my great grandpa, “Papa”, when I was born. She and I were inseparable growing up. At the age of nine my grandparents took me on a cruise to Mexico. Somewhere along the way yellow baby was lost. Our theory is she got caught up in my bedding and the maid didn’t notice. I was heartbroken, and I cried for days.

The one that was given to me by my Papa can never be replaced, but it is something that I would like to have when I start having kids of my own, which hopefully won’t be too far away.


If you can help Melissa find this Kiddie Kingdom YELLOW Doll Baby with Bonnet, CONTACT US, including the POST CODE #29669, but if possible – PLEASE USE THE COMMENT BOX.

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Posted Aug 11, 2013

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