REPLICA Fisher Price Snuzzles BUNNY RABBIT Multi-color PLAID Security Blanket

Fisher Price Bunny Rabbit Snuzzles Plaid Security Blanket
Fisher Price Bunny Rabbit Snuzzles Plaid Security BlanketAre you looking for one of these Hard to Find Snuzzles plaid Bunny Security Blankies?

We keep getting requests from people hoping we will be able to help them find one without it costing so much. There was a yellow plaid one on eBay some time ago with 29 bids up to ONLY $280 with still 3 days to go on bidding!

So I decided it was time to ask Susan, the creative lady who has helped several of our readers with lovies she has reproduced, if this is something she could come close to replicating. Of course, the plaid blankie wouldn’t be the exact same material, but it would be similar. She certainly has the skill to come pretty close to the originals, if someone would be interested in a reproduction, rather than doing without, or paying a small fortune for it.

Here’s the replica Susan made for Lauren!

REPLICA of Fisher Price Bunny Rabbit Snuzzles Plaid Security Blanket

Please Contact Us, including “Snuzzles Rabbit Blankie” in the subject, OR Contact Susan .

Searching for a toy – Originally posted 03/06/2008

Please be sure you use an email address that is correct, and that you will be using for a long time!! I can’t help you if I can’t contact you!!

Posted Jul 9, 2008


REPLICA Fisher Price Snuzzles BUNNY RABBIT Multi-color PLAID Security Blanket — 15 Comments

  1. I think so, too, scrap!! That’s why I always recommend her when someone wants a replica, or is searching for some of these all but impossible to find or terribly expensive lovies.

  2. Are you still making these? I had a yellow one as a kid and a multi-colored one as a backup when I was a little older and refused to go anywhere without my “bobby” as I called it. My email address is

  3. Ah! I still have mine!! I had a multi colored one, ‘misterbunny’ that was given to me while I was still waiting to come home from the hospital (my very first toy, lol). Twenty-one years later, I still have it…er..most of it, my mom had to replace the plaid body when I was about seven, (ah the wear and tear of a favorite toy) so the current version has a solid pink body with white lace trim, but still has the original head and paws.

  4. I still have my lovey almost 21 years later. I brought this thing with me everywhere. A few years ago my dad and brother were going through the attic and found it again. The replica looks great. I had no idea that they were so expensive!

  5. I had a pink one that my dog ate when I was 9, and my mum managed to find a replacement yellow one which I still have, but is in bits.

    My brother had the blue one, but didn't use it and my daughter has it as her comfort blanket. Was looking for a second one just in case, but can't believe how much they are going for.

    I would buy a replica!!

  6. Wow! I didn’t realize how many people loved these. I had about 5 as a kid, 1 yellow and 4 multicolored ones, and my cousin had a couple as well. Years ago, my mom had one put in a shadow box for me and it still hangs in my room. I wish I could find the others.

  7. Hi there, I do have an original for Sale Snuzzles Rabbit Blankie, 1979 Fisher Price. Its up for auction.

    Ebay Item # 230726337793 under ebay seller Savethetoys

  8. I also make these bunny blankets. I do not have identical fabric but I use colors that are currently available that are as close to the originals as possible as well as some other different colors!

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