Searching – Any LARGE Manhattan RAGTAILS ANIMAL

Cara is NOT looking for this Clarence Ragtail Dog, but any other Ragtail animal.

Manhattan Ragtail Brown Dog ClarenceMy story may be a bit different than most. My husband has Clarence the dog, part of the Ragtail animals collection by Manhattan toys. We have created quite a back story for this 14″ dog and have traveled around the world with him.

Last year we were blessed with a daughter who is now old enough to know that Clarence is Daddy’s dog, which makes him really, really appealing to our daughter!

We are a little worried that she’ll accidentally spill something on him or tear him as she gets older. We’re looking to get our daughter her own large Ragtail doll – not Clarence the dog – so my husband doesn’t have to share his Clarence any more. :)

Any help you can offer is very appreciated!

Thank you,


If you can help Cara find the Large Manhattan Ragtails Animals, CONTACT US, including POST CODE #112908-1 in the subject, or Comment Here using the POST CODE.

Searching for a toy – Originally posted 11/29/2008

Please be sure you Contact US with an email address that is correct, and that you will be using for a long time!! I can’t help you if I can’t contact you!!

Posted Nov 29, 2008


Searching – Any LARGE Manhattan RAGTAILS ANIMAL — 9 Comments

  1. I have the large size dog – If you are interested, I can post him on ecrater for sale — thanks — Kim

    Ps — for some reason, he does not seem to be as dark as those pictured? Was there two styles?

  2. #112908-1

    Hopefully one of our folks looking for Wanda saw this in time. I didn’t, so they did not get an email from me.

    Thanks for trying to help!!

  3. #112908-1

    My guess would be that it has been edited to show up better, as I have never seen any of these Ragtails in different shades, only different sizes.

  4. 112908-1

    Thanks so much – I’d really prefer a different animal because I already have Clarence. Sorry I didn’t make that clearer!

  5. The other animals are:
    Linus Bear
    Wanda Elephant
    Imogene Rabbit

    Any of those would be perfect!

  6. 112908-1
    I don’t know if this is Linus, but looks to be same line. Manhattan bear
    ebay Item number: 260347751833

  7. I have wanda elephant but it is the smaller 6-7″ version if you are still looking.

  8. POST CODE #112908-1
    Do not know if you ever found your ragtail. here are some options if you are still searching. Hope it helps.

    ebay #400296825438 bear
    ebay #280885351572 bear
    ebay #120829321819 rabbit
    ebay #190672272173 hippo in UK

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