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Searching – Fisher Price GRAY RUMPLE BEAR — 15 Comments

  1. Rumple Bear listed on Ebay Gray one
    Item number 300535199027…
    Maybe that will help…

  2. I had a chocolate brown rumple bear which i’ve had since i was born.
    I was super creative and named him rumple 🙂
    My dog chewed him up about 2 years ago and i’ve been looking for a new one since.
    I’m 18 now i really miss my rumple bear, and if you come across a chocolate rumple bear (i can find tan ones everywhere but i had a chocolate brown one) please let me know!

  3. Chloe Just in case your still looking there is a Non Chewed Chocolate Brown Rumple Bear on Ebay Item Number 300596906727…

  4. gray rumple bear listed on ebay @ auction starting @ 150.00 good luck to anyone still looking… 150678774294

  5. POST CODE #070509-2

    ebay #380484143215 grey bid item
    ebay #120999210059 chocolate
    ebay #150918849445 chocolate

  6. Help I am 11 I got the tan bear when I was 1 and I have All bears but the Grey one I don’t want to spend more than $100
    Help me please
    Post Code #10092

  7. hello
    I look for a “grey bear rumple” for my son who is 23 years old, he has 3 bears rumple but he has no grey and he dreams about it.
    Do not hesitate to make me an offer.
    thank you very much of your help
    Post Code #10092