Jong is looking for the YELLOW version of this rabbit.

DanDee Jesus Loves Me Singing White Rabbit Wearing Blue and Bunny SlippersHi,
My 2 year old son lost his yellow ‘Ms Bunny’ at Walmart. It’s a white rabbit wearing a yellow outfit and bunny slippers that says Jesus Loves Me across the tummy. When pressed it sings the song.

My wife went this morning to find out if Walmart found her in their lost and found, but they didn’t. My mother-in-law had later gone to Walmart, unknown to us at the time, to ask the manager at Walmart if they happened to have come across her in the store, and the manager on the intercom said ‘ Attention Associates, a young boy has lost his Ms. Bunny’ and all the associates burst out hysterically laughing.

I’m sure that made their day, but my boy is frantically looking for her since last night when he lost her. If you can find one in yellow I’d like to order one whether used or new and have one overnighted. Thank you and God Bless!

Best regards,


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Searching for a toy – Originally posted 07/20/2009

Posted Jul 20, 2009


Searching – DanDee WHITE JESUS LOVES ME Singing RABBIT Wearing YELLOW & BUNNY SLIPPERS — 5 Comments

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    Here is the blue one on Ebay #360167196315. I will try to keep an eye out for a yellow one. Hope this helps.

  2. Hey there, Im in California and I got one of these in a batch of toys given away but I donated it to my local thrift a few mos ago. I will still keep an eye out. I wish I found this message sooner! But I will post if I find anything, Keep checking ebay!

  3. Hi there, I am a seller on eBay and I am about to post mine. It has the polkadot ribbon too. The others I found on ebay didn't. If you would like to email me at
    I would ask $20 and that would include shipping. Thanks!

  4. POST CODE #072009-2

    If you are still looking?
    Ebay #150630517234
    Ebay # 150448398820

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