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Searching – 2001 Lullaby Club BLUE BABY BLANKET with CROCHET TRIM — 4 Comments

  1. 072709-3
    in case interested in a pink one
    ebay Item number: 120358450792
    will continue looking for the blue

  2. Yes, I saw the pink one on ebay, I showed that to my daughter and asked if she'd want pink, she says "no thank you"…we even call it "*blue* blankie." Unfortunately it *has* to be blue. I did make an offer on the pink one just to try. But since I didn't want to invest much in a blanket that probably would get rejected, I made a lower offer but the seller didn't go for it.

    Thank you though. I'm so glad there are active seekers out there! 🙂

  3. 072709-3
    you might consider adding purple dye or blue dye to make a pink one into a blue one.

  4. did you ever find one? this is so strange, it’s the exact same security blanket my now 2 year old can’t live without, it was my 9 year old’s blanket. ours is in terrible shape but is still his security blanket.

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