Animal Alley Blue Checked=I need help finding this Animal Alley bear in baby blue, but will take it in whatever color I can get. The bear is baby blue checkered in the shape of a star. He has a bow on his neck, and on his belly he has a moon and stars, and it says “Night Night..”.

I got it as a gift for my daughter from my baby shower. I never thought she would become as attached to it as she has. I bought a couple of them when they were available in Toys ‘R Us, but since she takes it everywhere, sleeps with it, eats with it, and sometimes, without me knowing it, she even bathes with it. It has a lot of wear and tear, and I constantly have to keep washing them. I need to find a couple more of these bears for my daughter.

Thank you so much for trying to locate it,


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Searching for a toy – Originally posted 08/08/2009


Searching – Animal Alley NIGHT NIGHT BLUE STAR BEAR — 10 Comments

  1. Post Code #080809-1

    Here's a Pink & Whte one ~ eBay Item # 330349756492

  2. POST CODE #080809-1

    If you are still searching multiple yellows on ebay now. Try animal alley night night. Good luck!

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