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Searching – 60’s? GUND? BROWN Vintage RABBIT Wearing a JINGLE BELL — 5 Comments

  1. 080909-1
    your bunny has similarities as this gunderful bunny on ebay, especially from the backside
    ebay 310144642878

  2. #080909-1

    Tami you're amazing!! The back side really does look like it. The only thing that looks different is the nose and the dark tinge to the edges of the ears.

  3. Close but not quite :/
    Thanks for the post though. Mine is more grayish tan in coloring. However this could do in a pinch.
    At least you helped narrow down that mine definitily looks like it might be a Gund. Thanks so much for the help! cdavid #080909-1

  4. 080909-1
    here is another gund with same ear markings. But not exactly the same rabbit either. Maybe some paint or thread and you can make one of them work

    ebay 150364945295

  5. I have had this rabbit since the 60's. He used to have a bell but I think I remember cutting it off. (it could be added) I am happy to send photos. He is 12 inches and in quite good shape. My email is henline4atcharterdotnet if you are still interested. Leigh

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