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  1. Wow i have been searching for an elephant blankie baby for my daughter who is 19. Her original Elle is an unrecognisable scrap of rags. Even though this has freaked out various boyfriends she refuses to part with it. I would dearly love to get hold of a new one for her as well as any others that may be available if anyone could help me please contact me on the email adress listed below

    hunterryhmes@hotmail.com thanks kathy

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    I’ve written to Kathryn and suggested she get a replica made by Susan.

    I only have the group photo of the elephant, so if someone has one and could send Susan some better pictures, a complete description, and some measurements that would be fantastic!!!


    susan AT susanssewnique DOT com

  3. Wow it’s crazy to see that I’m not the only one. I’m now 19 and I had this giraffe too since I was a baby. I carried it everywhere, like you. I still have it but it’s patched up too. I don’t know where we can find another one, but mine really has a huge sentimental value.

    Love from France

  4. I have had my snuggies lion since i was born,i am now 19, my mom re constructed him 3 times and he is pretty much totally destroyed and his head has fallen off 2 times but i still sleep with him every night i really want to find another one please help me find one
    email: dionjill9248@aol.com

  5. Hi are you still looking for this?

    Ebay item no – 260396075565
    Buy it now $74.99


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    I have two of the Playskool Lovey Snuzzle Elephants and I'm wondering if you know what the elephant on the left side of the picture is called. I'm a big collector of elephants and right now i'm trying to get another blue terry cloth snuzzles and a yellow snuzzles and whatever that elephant is called, I'm going to work on getting him too. If you have a ny links for any of the loveys I would greatly appreciate it!

    Good luck Kara!
    I hope you find one!

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    I wish I could help you out with names, but I have never known any of the Snuzzles animals to have names from the manufacturer. Hopefully someone else will stop by with more information.

  8. there is a blankies snuzzles giraffe on ebay today $125 for starting bid though ebay id 300335528795 good luck

  9. Wow! My name is Kara and I'm 21 as well. This was my favorite toy as a child! It is actually patched up as well almost unrecognizable. It has been packed up in a box for years because it has been so well loved it could fall apart at any moment. My mother bought me a second one when I was 2 because she was worried I would wear the first one out. So I luckily have one to remember my childhood by. I just had to share with you all of our similarities and our love for this giraffe. Best of luck looking for a replacement!

  10. i cant believe i'm not the only 21 year old looking for a replacement for sentimental value. mine is honing in on 22 years old and wrapped up in a baby blanket in storage for fear it's going to fall apart any minute. my poor buddy is barely recognizable as a giraffe for the neck is probably a centimeter thick. i loved it to pieces and would love nothing more than to find another one. thanks!!
    email: hockeychica18@hotmail.com

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    I've added your email to the mailing list for this giraffe, but I would suggest you consider getting a replica from Susan.

  12. Thanks, Carrie. The giraffe usually is more expensive than the other animals for some reason. I’ve passed the link along to the mailing list.

  13. OMG! I just can’t believe how many people are looking for these lovely toys. My daughter has had her giraffe for 24 years and as the others he doesn’t look same from so many patchings. Today the puppy got him and its bad she cried for hours so I starting the search again. My best bet is Susansewnique they look remarkable and we are going to see if she can use some of our old one. I wrote to playskool about 15 years ago wanting to find some just to have them, but never got any response, they should really bring these BACK. Good luck to all.