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Searching – 2007 Blankets and Beyond SKINNY MULTI-COLORED LION — 2 Comments

  1. POST CODE #101809-4

    This is the security blanket version but might help buy time for continued searching.

    ebay # 390348476739

  2. This is definitely helpful because ironically enough, after finding one of these lion lovey’s on ebay (you sent me a link about 1.5 yrs. ago), my third son became attached to the baby lion!! my second son, the one we are searching for, who is super attached to the bigger lion, aka “momo” and the little lovey didn’t really work for him 🙁
    So I will make the purchase of the baby lion, and will have a back up for my baby. But please continue to keep me in mind if you ever find a lion like in my pic. Your service is so fantastic, and I can’t tell you how much i appreciated your email!!! take care Tara

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