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Searching – 70’s Mattel TALKING NAPPER DOG I’m Lonely — 4 Comments

  1. I had a Napper dog as well, and actually still have a picture of me opening it for Christmas around 1981 or 82. I would love to find one as well and wish you luck in your search. I remember him saying "you're so good to me!" "i'm tired" – sooo cute!

  2. I still have my napper! Will always keep.I would love to someday have another. My friend when I was little had the lamb version.Napper (mine barely, but still does, work, kinda sorta) says
    -I feel so lonely!,-my name is napper!, -you’re so good to me!,-I’m so sleepy, -(barking-like noise) followed with rub, rub, rub my tummy! Those are all I can remember rt now. I got mine for Chrismas in 1980. Always dried my tears on his ears. Favorite toy of entire childhood.

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