Marielle is still looking for this bat. This is NOT the bat she is looking for, but it’s as close as anyone has found so far.

80's Black Beanie Bat with Red Gemstone Eyes
The material is different-the one I’m looking for isn’t furry or soft.
The eyes are not simply red but shiny red fake gemstones held in place with little metal prongs (just on like a kiddie ring).
The wings don’t have any kind of thumb and the face has no nose. It looks like the bat in the “Batman” logo but with little feet and red eyes.

Growing up, my childhood lovie was a little bean bag bat that my parents bought me about 20 years ago.

He had a bean bag body (filled with plastic beads) no nose, mouth or any facial features except two eyes that were very unique, as they were bright red, fake gems (like the kind you’d find in kids cheap rings). His wings were twice the width of his body and totally floppy, and he had two little feet and ears (also with beans) attached to his body. He was black and not fuzzy or fluffy at all. The material he was made of was almost like denim, but much thinner and softer. I have no idea what brand made this toy and don’t have a picture.

If anyone knows what toy I’m talking about, or has one, or knows where I can get one, PLEASE let me know ASAP.


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Searching for a toy – Originally posted 11/18/2009


Searching – 80’s BLACK Beanie BAT with RED GEMSTONE EYES — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Kathy,

    Thank you for your effort. This is certainly a bat that closest resembles the one I had but it is still not the same one. Thanks again.


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