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Carter's Just One Year Blue Dog with Spots and StripesI am looking for a 10 inch long Carter’s Just One Year blue dog, which I bought in 2007, prior to my daughter being born. It is light blue, with one yellow, blue and red spot on his stomach, and stripes on the bottom of his feet and inside his ears. Buddy also sports a red collar with a doggie tag that says “My Best Friend”. When you pick it up, you can hear a baby rattle inside of him.

My daughter has had this toy since she was born, and once old enough to be allowed toys in her crib/bed she has slept every night with it in the bed with her. She is now 2 and half years old and for going on at least 6 months now she takes the blue dog with her everywhere she goes. It has come to be called Buddy by her, I guess she picked that up from me, as I use to ask her if that “blue dog” as we originally called it, was her buddy.

I would like to find another “Buddy”, as now my daughter has a little sister who is also very, very interested in Buddy and will take it from her older sister whenever Buddy is ever left unattended. It would be fantastic to find another one (or two) as a back-up and for each girl to have their own Buddy, as they seem to love him over any other toy they are presented with.


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Searching for a toy – Originally posted 12/15/2009


FOUND – 2007 Carter’s Just One Year BLUE DOG with SPOTS & STRIPES — 12 Comments

  1. POST CODE #121509-3
    Ebay #120730187881
    Ebay #260786465354
    Ebay #230573745127
    Ebay #380309201861 3 available
    Ebay #250846312799
    Couple others that seemed really pricey. Hope this helps someone.

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