Searching – LARGE BLUE FLOPPY DOG with DARK EARS, EYE PATCH, NOSE, FEET – Top Priority — 14 Comments

  1. 013109-3 I am sorry to hear of the tragedy in your family. I have searched many times for your dog for you , every since you listed before. I am sorry, I have not been able to find it. I will continue to look.

    I did find a brownie, but not a blue. If interested. Looks same dog, different color. Only 28 inches

    ebay Item number: 260456129559

  2. I have also been looking for MONTHS for this dog. Like tami, I found a brown one, but in a thrift store. This puppy is turning out to be really hard to find.

    Will he accept a different color?


  3. Thank you thank you thank you!!
    We got the brown version right after the accident. He likes it but he is still really missing blue baby. Nothing else is quite right.
    There are so many layers to this little guys grief process. Blue baby is just HUGE for him.
    Thank you again for your continued search.

  4. I have a blue puppy by Commonwealth that looks very similar but the colors are reversed. If you are interested, I can send it to you.

  5. I will have a conversation with Charlie about blue baby to see what he thinks and if we can compromise on the colors. I want to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts and contacting me.
    I will let you know.!!!

  6. I have searched everywhere for this dog! I have one similar, but it’s made by a company called “Liberty Kids”…..

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    Thank you for continuing to search for blue baby. I have not given up the search, in fact it has become almost an obsession. Can you post a picture or send one to my e-mail address? I GREATLY APPRECIATE IT.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss! My heart is breaking for both you and your grandson! Maybe it would ease his pain a bit if you told him that Blue Baby didn’t die, but that he’s now Mommy’s guardian angel and is protecting her. Or you could say that Blue Baby wanted to keep Mommy company in heaven because he knew she would miss Charlie very much. Anyhow, I hope you don’t have to tell him any such thing, and that he’s reunited with his precious dog!!

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