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  1. I am also looking for this Dakin monkey. My daughter received it as a birthday present from her Grandmother. Last year she left it at a friends house we were visiting out of town. They mailed it back to us but sadly he never arrived. I have been searching everywhere for this monkey hoping to find a replacement. She is heartbroken over the loss of Dexter. Her birthday is this month and it would be the best gift to replace her favorite lovey

  2. I emailed the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company and they shipped me a new one, no charge! It arrived today, April 8, 2010, and I am so happy. Excellent customer service!

  3. #020910-4

    I also emailed the contact listed at Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company about obtaining a replacement, but this is the response I received:

    Monday, April 12, 2010 3:47 PM
    [email protected]
    Add sender to Contacts
    [email protected]
    do not email me about this…I have received numerous emails from different people and I am not sending any plush monkeys out.

    Apparently getting one from them is a fallacy & impossible. Awesome……..

  4. The best part is that he is the VP of Promotions & is quoted on their website as saying:

    “Our ability to use our broad base of contacts to find a solution is what makes us successful.” – Josh Livingston, VP Promotions

    I am having a hard time believing that at this point…….

  5. POST CODE #020910-4

    Yep that is it, but I don’t feel it is worth what it is listed for. So sad. Thanks for the info!

  6. not the same size, but here is a dakin monkey that looks very similar.


    POST CODE #020910-4

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