1. Haha! I love your blog. =) We take our Pierre pretty much everywhere we go too. We also have tiptoes pig with green feet and just recently got mediterranean madge pig (she loved the beach and got a great tan)! As you can see, we ♥♥♥ tiptoes pig in my household! I am always on the look out for these pigs, so if I see one pop up on ebay, I will let you know. Good luck to Olivia in the Walk of Hunger!

  2. That is great, we love her so much…the one we have actually has black boes on her shoes though…I have neber seen her with black bows anywhere else but we will take what we can get. Really excited for the 20 mile walk on May 2nd!

  3. Hi, Shelby. Pierre is listed on ebay right now, buy it now or best offer! I’m not sure how much you are willing to pay for a backup, but maybe you could try and make an offer first. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for helping with the search, Jean. I’ve sent the eBay link to the mailing list for this hard to find pig.

  5. Post Code #14587

    Manhattan Toys Large Tiptoe Pig
    eBay Item #290460121460

  6. Awww im so bummed, I want her so bad! That little one is too cute but I really need to wait til I find a big one. :o)

    Thank you all so much for helping! Were still on our search. WE <3 OLIVIA!!!!!!!!

  7. POST CODE #14587

    Ebay # 190558235848 6 inch new with tags
    Ebay # 110717704692 6 inch new with tags
    They are priced accordingly.

  8. I am still searching for the full size tip toes pierre if you can find one.

    Thank you all for your help.

  9. POST CODE #14587
    i have pig if you reply with your email i can send you a picture of it.Its 18″ i am an ebay seller i was getting ready to list it on ebay searching for the going price and found this post.I will give you first oppurtunity to buy it before i post it thanks.You can also contact me through ebay if you wnat also my seller name is s0methingf0revery0ne(copy and paste it all are zeros not o’s)

  10. Hi – my 2 year old daughter is in love with her Tiptoes Pig too…and last night, to my (and soon, her) distress, Piggie vanished. No doubt left in a playroom or in the park. Now I’m trying to find a replacement. If anyone has one, or a lead on where I might find one, I would be most grateful!

  11. I have the Pierre Pig with black (ribbons are pink, not plaid) that is 16 inches from top of head to toes. It has never been played with and is in what I assume is top notch condition. It is for sale (this site popped up on a google search for pricing this and other plush I received as gifts when I had an animal related job). If anyone responds with contact information, I will be glad to send a photo.
    Post Code #14587

  12. I have 11 inch Tippy Toe pig , black feet with pick bow, Terry plush stuffed beanie toy, I just found in a box stuffed away. Would like to sell anyone interested?
    Post Code #14587

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