We were able to help Rachel find this lamb, but now she needs to find another one.

Thanks to one of our Fabulous Finders, we now know that this is a Best Made Toys lovie sold at Target.

Best Made Toys Small Lavender Lamb Wearing Bunny SlippersI am looking for a Best Made Toy 6 inch purple stuffed lamb with what looks like little bunny slippers on its feet. I really have no idea where it came from, because it was given as a gift at my baby shower. I think that it may have come from Walmart (turned out to be a Target item) along with an outfit and little booties.

My 3 year old daughter lost her ”Stuffy” a couple of months ago. She has had it since she was born, and it was always needed at bed times or other emotional times. She has handled losing it fairly well but still misses it greatly. Every now and then out of the blue she tells us that she misses Stuffy, and if she sees a picture of it then she wants to go to that place to look for it.

I would love to find another one for her. I know that she is fine without it, but I know that she really misses it, and it would make her so happy to have another one.

Thank you,


If you can help Rachel find this Walmart? Small Lavender Lamb Wearing Bunny Slippers, THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MANAGED. Please use Our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP, including the POST CODE #16885,

Originally posted Friday – 08/13/2010


Searching again – SMALL Best Made Toys LAVENDER LAMB in BUNNY SLIPPERS — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks for that info Tonya! I have looked into it a bit more and still no luck, but I will keep looking! Thank you again!


  2. Thank you so much for that info Susan! Unfortunately I live in Canada and I went to order it and they don’t ship to Canada:( I will keep looking to hopefully find someone that does ship here. Thank you

  3. Thank You for all your help! I was able to e-mail the people at asuwishshop and they are going to send the stuffy to me!

  4. Thank You to everyone who helped us find Stuffy. We recieved him in the mail the other day and my daughter couldn’t be happier! Thank you again to everyone for your help!

  5. just wondering if this post is still good? I am once again looking for the “stuffy” for my daughter.
    Thanks for any help!

    POST CODE #16885

  6. Wondering if I could get help finding this “stuffy” one more time (hopefully). Thank you very much!!
    Post Code #16885

  7. My best friend lost her bunny exactly like this one and I was wondering if anyone knew a place near Massachusetts that I could get one for her. It would mean so much to her if I could do this.
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