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Searching – 70’s Eden YELLOW ELEPHANT Windup YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE Head Moves — 15 Comments

  1. Hello – Regarding Post Code 17229 – I have the Vintage Yellow Elephant by Eden Toys that winds up and plays you are my sunshine and it’s head moves. I received this toy as a baby 30 years ago. I held onto it for all of these years as a keepsake, but am moving, so am minimizing most of what I own. Until today the head still moved, but when I put it away several years ago the music box had stopped working. Today when I decided I was going to post it on ebay I started messing around with it a little….jiggling the head, and the wind up key, and trying to mess around with it as best I could from the outside to see if I could somehow get it to work. Well, as I was messing with it the music started playing at certain points of the head rotation. Then suddenly it all stopped working. Needless to say I did something to it now so it neither rotates it’s head nor plays music. It’s in great used shape besides that, so it’s a shame the internal parts aren’t working. I would imagine someone could open it up and get it all working again though. The tag is on and still readable. The pom pom on the trunk is no longer there – I remember as a kid removing it because I thought it looked silly. The trunk is in good shape – just no pom pom there. If you know anyone who would be interested just let me know. I’m going to post it on ebay sometime next weekend when I have more time otherwise. Thanks!!!

  2. POST CODE #17229
    This may be the elephant. Per description wrong song but sure looks the same. Could be an error?
    ebay #160657275469 three blind mice
    ebay #160657275691 sunshine but neck does not rotate same seller.

    God luck!

  3. POST CODE #17229

    ebay # 140722480133 bid worth watching!!

    ebay # 251004435483 buy now

  4. I have one thats pretty sedimental to me since Ive had it my whole life. Mine is blue with white ears. Its pretty old looking. It doesnt work anymore and Im going to disect it to see if I can fix it and then put it back together. Has anyone done this before?

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