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FOUND – 80’s Knickerbocker BLUE PLAID SNOOPY BLANKIE — 19 Comments

  1. If you still have a mailing list of people looking for this security blanket, I found one today, and just listed it on Ebay, item # 220758403858

  2. Thanks, Brenda! I’ve contacted the mailing list. I had forgotten there was a mailing list for this one, so I edited the post I did using this particular lovie for the Toy Portrait post to remind people that others are still looking for it. Glad you caught this one!!

  3. Thanks, your other posting jogged my memory too. Just lucky that one popped up – hope somebody gets it. 🙂

  4. POST CODE #17696


    I actually have one of these. If you are still looking, please get back to me!

  5. I Would love to have this snoopy blanket for my daughter. She grew up on this blanket
    Post Code #17696

  6. Two on Ebay
    eBay item number:291179368538 $55 USD

    eBay item number:161352654522 $135 USD
    Post Code #17696

  7. One for the mailing list:

    There is one on ebay
    eBay item number:

    But it is expensive US 125.00.

    Post Code #17696

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