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FOUND – 1987 Potpourri Press PINK PUFFALUMP Style RABBIT with DRESS — 30 Comments

  1. Dear Kristi,

    I am delighted you enjoyed your bunny so many years ago. My company, Potpourri Press, was the importer of this and many other stuffed animals which we called “Blankies”.

    I “sold” my company in 1996 and had some “Blankies” squirelled away in my attic. Then, a couple of years ago, I sent them all to Moldova, Europe, with my neighbors who gave them to kids there in orphanages.

    I’m sorry I can not help but appreciate that our “Blankies” made you happy.


    David Grimes

  2. Thank you so much David for your reply! The closest that I’ve come to finding my bunny’s twin is with the Potpourri Press Sailor Bear. I’m bummed that I am a few years short of connecting with you, but I am glad that the stuffed animals are with deserving children from an orphanage. I will continue on with my search, but if you ever do come across another bunny, I hope you will think of me!


  3. I am so glad that I found this website. I have been looking for this bunny for my daughter. She will be 25 years old this Dec. She was given this bunny when she was 1 years old and she carried it with her were ever she went. It was a huge comfort to her. Then one day she left it somewhere and we could never find it again. I would love to find one to give her this year but when I tell her that the ones you had left are with these special children she will be delighted. I remain in search for one.
    God Bless!

  4. I was born in 1987 and received the puffalump bunny and matching silk baby pillow with a small puffalump attached to the top of the pillow my mom saved it for me and to this day I stil have them and never seen anything like it! I now have kids of my own and wish stuff now days was made like it was when I was a baby

  5. I would love to see pictures Jennifer. I am very hopeful and excited to see if the bunny you have is the bunny I have been searching for!

  6. I second that on wanting to see the pictures.

    I also have a posting on this website somewhere looking for one for my girlfriend, who’s original has been loved into the ground when she was a kid!

  7. Thank you so much Aimee!! I’ve finally bought the bunny I’ve been searching many years for!!!

  8. OMG i have an elephant that looks like this bunny! i am now pregnant and want my “snuffy” for my baby shes 24 years old and my story is almost exactly the same as yours! Me and my mom have been looking fo rmy elephant and your pic is the closest to the brand we can find! My snuffy is in a display case and she has had many surgeries on herself to! I hope by finding this i can come close to finding one!

  9. I have found my bunny…and now here’s another one posted on eBay! Good luck!

    eBay item #: 251094207228

  10. My daughter also took this bunny everywhere and could not go to sleep without Baby Rabbit…so when she lost her we looked everywhere to find her…fortunatly we found another to replace her at a good will…then we found the original at her grandmothers…now the origingal is full of stitches she has been loved so much we retired her to a little keepsake shoebox…my daughter was born in 1988 and loved baby rabbit all these years…now she has two children of her own and we take her second baby rabbit out to show them Mommies lovie…we have since then found a smaller version of baby rabbit made by Potpourri press we didnt even know existed!! and the salor bunny…soooooo sweet!

  11. Kristi’s story is nearly exactly my story. I slept with it until I was 23 and my grandmother also used to sew her up for me. She lookes like her head has fallen off at least 4 times, but she is still so perfect to me.

    Are there any more out there. We would love to buy one so I can keep a twin. We have been looking for years and we just found a bear santa that still had the branding tag on it! Help please!

  12. EBAY (GIRL PENNY BUNNY)# 161259918819
    EBAY (BOY PETER BUNNT) # 161259921906
    Post Code #18645

  13. My husband has the renains of a very well loved Potpourri Press boy elephant that he received as a small child. I tried to take it to get remade or re purposed into another animal, but the material is so thin and unstable there’s nothing that can be salvaged from it. I have been looking for another one to give him as a gift, but so far haven’t had any luck. If anyone comes across one please think of me, I’ve been on this search for 2 years now.
    Post Code #18645

  14. Malena, I have seen the boy elephant pop up occasionally on ebay. I have a saved “potpourri press” search on my account that I check often. If I see one pop up again, I will let you know! I used to have one, but I sold it to another lady who had a similar story to your husbands. Good luck!!

    Post Code #18645

  15. OMG!!!!! Thank you so much Kristi!!!!! I just bought him, my husband is going to be so surprised! 🙂
    Post Code #18645

  16. Growing up, I had the pillow version like Alyssa mentioned and would love to have another one and I also had the boy version. My brother bought me Pete (the boy version) for my 25th birthday and would love to have the pillow again but haven’t found one at all. Not even a picture posted by somebody else.
    Post Code #18645

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