1. Good morning. If I finded a needed lovey that is in the tornado area, I will give and ship for free. I hope that the communication of what the children need can be communicated through DB! Thanks for all you do!

  2. Thanks, Karen, for your generosity and kind heart! I’ve just created an ad for Facebook targeted to Alabamians to spread the word about our free Search Service. It should start showing tomorrow, if not later today. Hopefully that will help to get the word out, too.

  3. Posted in the “Ebay Underground” facebook page.. I bet there are Alabama fb pages that could broadcast your service, gladly.

  4. I’ve just put a paid ad on FB, but I can’t afford to spend much on it. What do I do on FB, just search for Alabama and join every one I can find and post a link to this post??? I’m going to try that, but if there’s a better way, please teach me how!!

  5. The website colors are making it hard to read .. but we are interested for sure!

    Not sure where to go to see any of the Alabama postings though..

  6. All tornado requests will be marked so you can tell who they are. Most of the hard hit areas are without power right now. These people don’t have homes, so they are not on the internet yet.

    BUT their relatives elsewhere may know what toy their little ones would miss the most. THEY can ask for help, too! As long as the child who needs it is a tornado survivor, we want to give top priority help!!

  7. I have some stuffed animals that I was going to post on Listia, they aren’t on the lovies list but maybe they can be a new lovie for someone who lost theirs. Is there a place I can send them to?

  8. Hi, I have lowered the prices on almost all of my items to $8.99 plus shipping. I wish I could go lower but I just can’t with the high Ebay fees. I hope maybe I have some of the items these unfortunate people are looking for. I also have a whole room full of stuffed animals that are not listed so if any one is looking please email me (through ebay) and I will check my unlisted inventory. Thank you for this board, it helps a lot of families! https://stores.ebay.com/Blazes-Granmammas-Store?_rdc=1 -Tonya

  9. If you are wondering about the tornadoes that hit MS., VA., and Alabama.. here is a collection of videos, images, etc. Per the news, many children have lost everything, including their parents. If I see someone who needs something, I will take it out of my ebay store and donate it + free shipping. Also, will be looking at the red cross site to see what supplies are needed, although I’m sure money and blood is what they need the most.

    I don’t think these people can “buy” their lost lovey, or much anything right now.

    Videos: https://www.wreg.com/weather/wdaf-watch-dramatic-videos-of-southern-storms-20110428,0,1324571.photogallery

    Red Cross: https://www.redcross.org/

  10. I agree, Pleasant, that those who need the most help won’t be able to buy anything for a long time.

    I’m hoping to connect with their friends and out of state relatives who were not in the path of destruction. They can search and buy for the, especially if sellers will read their story here and cut their price to as low as they can.

    Our goal is that when postal deliveries are restored, the blankies and lovies will be waiting for these precious children.

  11. May God bless the work you are doing to help the people in the tornado-stricken area.

    Post Code #

  12. Rosemary,

    Put the message on your wall and in your feed. I’ll be happy to put it on Twitter and LinkedIn as well.

    I sent you an email. I have some questions. Mainly, what is a lovie?

  13. Hi CyberCelt! A lovie is any animal, doll, or blankie that a child uses as a security item. We had one story several years ago about a child who used a certain brand of washcloths as their lovie!!

    The short and long version posts asking for help for the children in tornado-stricken areas are on our Feed. I’ve posted on my LinkedIn page, tweeted several times, written all my Twitter followers, and posted on more places on Facebook than I can count.

    Still I’ve only had one request for help for an Alabama child for an item we had in stock. I don’t know what else to do.

  14. We’ve posted the info on our website, facebook page and twitter.

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