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Searching – 70’s Eden YELLOW YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE LION – Head Moves — 12 Comments

  1. I have a lion that is probably the brother of the one in the picture. This lion has a red mane. The one in your picture looks orange.

    It used to play “You are my sunshine” and move his head, but stopped recently when my 3 year old granddaughter wound it too tight. I don’t know if that is fixable.

    It was a present for my newborn son 35 years ago. He has no attachment to it, so if you want it, I’d be glad to send it to you.


  2. I am also looking for this stuffy. I had it too as a baby and it was my favorite. Did you ever find it?

  3. I am looking for this lion, too. My 35 year old son received one from a great aunt the day he was born, and he loved it. I would like to find one for the baby he is now expecting. Just seeing the photo flooded my heart with wonderful memories!

  4. I am also looking for this lovey – my husband had this when he was a child and I had the elephant version. I still have mine but he doesnt have his. we are hoping to reunite them 🙂

  5. Gave this lion to my daughter when she left the hospital in 1976, not want to find one for her daughter from me.

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  6. I have this lion too. It was the gift my dad bought for me the day I was born. Throughout my childhood I managed to cut the mane and chew off the felt ears. The music box no longer works. I am currently pregnant with my first baby and want to refurbish this little lion to give to him as his first gift. I am having trouble finding a music box with the rotating piece for the head. If anyone knows where I might find it please let me know.

  7. I am looking for this lion also. I got it for my daughter in 1979, and it got lost in one of our moves :~\ I would LOVE to surprise her with a replacement !!!
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  8. I have been looking for this lion as well. Grandmother gave it to me as a child…someone sold it at a family garage sale. Has anyone had any luck finding it anywhere???
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  9. I am trying to find this lion as well. It was a favorite childhood toy that was accidentally given away by a family member. Any help finding a replacement would be greatly appreciated!!
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