Searching – 80’s Large BRIGHT YELLOW Seated PUFFALUMP STYLE ELEPHANT — 6 Comments

  1. Hello. I keep reading your listing and wonder are you thinking of a Commonwealth Jumbo Love?

    There are many different animals (Elephant, Monkey, Bear, Bunny) and colors(Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple & White). They also larger in size and have big eyes. Here is an example of a blue one (I think it is a bunny or dog one) on ebay right now see #150612793638

    There are also a few pictures in the dirty butter shoppe on this site for you to look at to determine if we are on the right track. They have sewn or gathered legs and arms.

    Just a thought. Best Wishes! Susie

  2. Susan, I sent her links to the Jumbo Loves and the other ones I had photos of, just in case, but they must not have been the right ones. And I’m sending PK the other links you have listed here.

    Thanks, as always, for all the wonderful work you do here!!!!

  3. Gee, he didn’t really look like any of them, althought there were some similarities with some of them; he just had TREMENDOUS personality. And he wasn’t just seated: he was stting up. on his butt! His front (chest, tummy) was all vertically gathered. The most distinctive thing about him was the deep, extremely bright, really neon yellow color. That alone (along with the heavy nylon material) would distinguish him from any other elephant.

  4. I think I had this elephant when I was a kid. I used to take pictures of all my stuffed animals, so I’ll see if I can find one.

    I lived in Minneapolis, so I think the Dayton-Hudson brand is a good guess.

  5. POST CODE #19018

    Oh say, this one isn’t the same color, but I was wondering if he might look close to the elephant you were looking for:


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