Searching – 1988 KinderGUND TICKLES BLUE & YELLOW CLOWN Wearing REMOVABLE COSTUME — 32 Comments

  1. Carrie, You are AWESOME!!!! Thanks so much or finding both of these for me, as I never would have found them without you. I bid on one and hope I get it. Again, I can’t thank you enough and really appreciate your kindness.

  2. Rosemary has also been beyond amazing to me during this whole process. I can’t thank her enough for answering all of my questions in great deal in record time and for being so kind and helpful. Truly, a wonderful gift to me, so thank you Rosemary! You rock!

  3. Thanks for asking Carrie. Yes, apparently it’s been shipped, but I haven’t received it yet, so hopefully it will come soon. Thanks again!

  4. pleaseplease if anyone has found the small kindergund version of tickles soft velour clown from 1987 i am desperate to find it for my sone who is now 24. all his baby photos feature it but clowny went missing 20 years ago. please contact me if you come across him

  5. Karen, I wish you the best of luck in your search. This wonderful site helped me to locate tickles and I hope it works for you too!

  6. My dear friend Janice died 2 years ago and her daughter who is 24 had a Tickles just like the one in the photo, that her mother got when she was pregnant with Erin,her 1st child. Erin brought it to me tonight because her brothers new puppy got a hold of it. I’ve spent the evening repairing it the best I can but I would love to find Erin another one. If anyone finds one I would love to hear about it. Thank you!

  7. Shannon, your post made me so sad. I hope you are lucky and find another Tickles, just as we were lucky to have found one on this amazing site. It’s an amazing group of people so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Erin gets a new Tickles soon. Best of luck!

  8. A super wonderful person found our beloved Tickles for me last year, which is now living happily in our home. We would like to find another one if possible to keep him company, so if anyone has seen another one, can you please let me know?
    Thanks so very much for all of your fabulous help!

  9. POST CODE #19225,

    ebay #380615399195
    ebay #111049633050

    Very lucky night for you. Two available and both affordable. Best Wishes.

  10. Carrie, you are the best! I can’t thank you enough for finding these. To have found one was lucky enough but two is amazing. I just placed the purchase order. Thanks so very much. Wishing you all the best and may you receive the same kindness you showed to me. Stay well

  11. Carrie, since you are so amazing and found two of the eden clowns I was searching for ( I bought both) I hope I am not pushing my luck by asking for another favor please. I am still also searching for a similar but different clown for my other son. My post number is: 120212-01. I would again be so thrilled if we were lucky enough to find one of these.
    Again, I am extremely grateful and touched by your kindness to others. Thank you again so very much.

  12. POST CODE #19225

    Glad this one is found. Have tried repeatedly on the other post with no luck yet, but know that we are all hunting.

  13. Thanks so much Carrie for your repeated search for my other post. I very much appreciate your persistence and will hope to get lucky. Thanks so much for your patience and repeated attempts.
    Take good care

  14. Re: #19225
    I thought I would let you know that I ordered the Tickles that you kindly found and unfortunately, it arrived with black permanent dots all over the face and was quite dirty–not what they showed in the photo.

    So, while I’m very appreciative to have it anyway, I’m hoping to find another one that hopefully will be in better condition this time.

    Is it possible to repost please? Thanks so very much for the amazing work you do!

  15. Carrie, you are amazing. I can’t believe how quickly you found this one, thank you! I’m not sure I’ll go for the exorbitant price they are asking, but it gives me something to think about. Perhaps I’ll get doubly lucky and find a less expensive one soon. I am soooooooo grateful for your help. Thanks a ton!!!!

  16. we have the same clown tickles for our daughter..i bought this 12 years ago..
    Post Code #19225

  17. I posted on another Tickles the Clown post, but I am trying so desperately to find this little guy. Please help!!
    Post Code #19225

  18. So far I haven’t had any luck finding this Tickles clown, but am still searching. Hope you have good luck too! Thanks.
    Post Code #19225

  19. Hey, just wondering if you ever managed to find one? I had the bigger one when I was a child and still have him. I have had him for about 19 years and he is still in good condition but desperately trying to find a replacement outfit as his original one is lost.

    Emma x
    Post Code #19225

  20. Hi Emma,
    Thanks for reaching out. So, sadly enough I haven’t had any luck in my search so far, but am still optimistic that a good one will turn up someday. I wish you good luck in your search for a replacement outfit for the larger one and will let you know if I see one for you. Good luck!
    Post Code #19225

  21. Hi Laurie, thank you for getting back in touch.

    If I see anything I will be sure to let you know.
    All the best.

    Emma x
    Post Code #19225

  22. I’m still searching for this Tickles the clown and would be so very grateful if anyone found it and passed the information along to me. Thank you!!!
    Post Code #19225

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