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Searching – LOST Small Wonders PINK RABBIT – Myrtle Beach 06-22-11 — 10 Comments

  1. ebay Item number: 400181603863
    this item is no longer for sell . but I think it is a better picture of what you are looking for. was your toy musical and lit up with a PRESS ME on the front?

  2. I found another replacement on ebay, sorry never been to Myrtle Beach. Good Luck.

  3. ebay 160610536817, in case you need another new one. I know you are looking for the original.

  4. Hi Tami, thanks for your help. I am still searching for bunny. I have the replacement from Ebay. (Im a huge ebayer) just still holding out hope to find our “old bunny” and bring him home.

  5. Have you also tried going to the website you can make posts about lost items there. Good luck in your quest hope it comes up successful!

  6. Didn’t know since there wasn’t a post here for that website just trying to help hopefully.

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