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Searching – 80′s BAH KOO with ELEPHANT SNOUT, COW EARS, and LION TAIL — 14 Comments

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    Hi! I am sorry I do not have one (or two) of these, but the following might be helpful in looking for it. The actual name of this stuffed chimera from the late 1980s-early 1990s was Baka Baku. The baku is the traditional devourer of nightmares in Japanese folklore. I know all this because my son (graduating this month froom college) still has his Baka Baku and, back in about 1993-4, we did some research on this elephant-lion to “be sure” he was up to the job of eating nightmares. (He was.) Good luck with your search!

  2. Yes, this “diffferent” one is the Baka Baku made by Mary Meyer — also from the late 80s-early 90s, beautifully-made, and sadly discontinued. This is actually the one my grown son had (has).


  3. Thanks for the photo and the brand of this Mary Meyer version, Tsubomi and Cindy. I’ve copied the photo to my files in case anyone ever asks for that one. I didn’t even know it existed!

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    Here’s one on Ebay, altho it’s ridiculously expensive…sorry.

    Ebay item #280967477343

  5. I just listed one of these…it’s not in pristine condition (the mane and tail are somewhat matted, most likely due to incorrect washing of this item), but if someone did want one of these in any condition, it’s up for bids! It’s Ebay item # 360786916944
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  6. I am also looking for one for my great grandaughter who is having nitemares. Her mother had one years ago and it worked amazingly.
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  7. I wanted to leave you my updated email address. I thought I had, but I’m not sure – so here it is. I am still looking for Bah Koo so please keep me in the loop.

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