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Searching – GAF? Purple and White Musical Horse MANE LIGHTS UP — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you for the reply, but no. She was more on her tummy and her mane and tail were very purple. She had a flatter head as well.


  2. I think I know which toy horse you are talking about! I think they made them in purple as well because my sister had a white one with purple hair while me and my twin had purple ones. I remembered their hair sparkled reddish pink when you pressed their hoof hand. I think I still have mine but they are old and probably not in very good condition.

  3. Megan, If you still have yours Id love to see a picture! There condition doesn’t really matter.That sounds like the horse im talking about!


  4. I think I have what you are talking about. I moved my stuff out of my moms house and found it in a box. When I squeeze her tummy her mane lights up red and it makes a horse noise. I thought that it played little little little star, but maybe I was wrong. I love that toy,mine didn’t work and my boyfriend just fixed it for me again!!! How do I post a picture….

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