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FOUND – 2004 Second Nature Simply Irresistible Bear Larger Flash — 7 Comments

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    Although I wasn’t quite able to find the exact ones, I did find some similar bears, and was wondering if they might be possibilities:

    ebay#330818583116 10″ white bear

    ebay#330811772287 9″ cream bear

    ebay#330812979094 14″ beige bear w/white face

    ebay#150879599744 18″ beige bear

    ebay#110741949332 10″ white bear

    ebay#110729371224 13″ cream bear

    ebay#350318962191 6″ cream bear

    ebay#230643096818 9″ cream bear

  2. Thank you so much for looking for him! I just ordered the same Flicker Bear on eBay two weeks ago. He is smaller than the original Teddy my son had so I assume that Flash is the one that I need.

  3. I’m based in the UK, but have the bear you are looking for. Are you still searching for one?
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  4. Can I arrange payment through Paypal. Do you have a picture of your Flash bear?
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