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This MAY be an Applause animal, based on the shape of the eyes looking like the BooBoo series.

80's White Teardrop Cat with Red Polka Dot Ears, FeetI’m looking for a stuffed animal I’ve had since I was 5 years old. She is all white, except the ears and feet are red with white polka dots. I believe years ago there might have been a bow involved, but was pulled off by me year ago. On the left eye there is a tear drop. (It was all white, but looks grey with age and use in the photo :-).)

I’ve always thought it was a bear, but my sister has always said it was a cat. Looking at the ears, they are pointed, so I guess my sister was right that it is a cat. It is about 11 inches, and it doesn’t sit up by itself, but it is not floppy. I got it in the early 80’s, but there are no tags or any identification saying who made it or for what.

I would love to find another one, so that I can pass it onto my niece and keep her company through any future sadness or sickness.

Thank you for all you efforts in finding lost lovelies for their owners.


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Searching for a toy – Originally posted Thursday – 10/18/2012


Searching – 80’s White Teardrop Cat with Red Polka Dot Ears, Feet — 4 Comments

  1. POST CODE #23797

    I noticed that your cat’s eyes look almost identical to those of the Applause Boo Boo plushies, such as this bear:


    I’m not positive, but I wonder if your cat might have been made by Applause.

  2. Those eyes are the same ones! Thank you so much. Thats the first piece of info that I have gotten. Now I have to find the doll.

  3. POST CODE #23797

    Another possibility might be the Boo Hoo Buddies series by Fordlet Int’L, such as this dog:


    I’m not positive, but Fordlet might be a possible maker, too.

  4. POST CODE #23797

    Another potential possibility of a maker might be Animal Fair; this Animal Fair cat looks similar:


    I noticed, also, that some Animal Fair plushies have cloth-lined ears and feet like your cat has, such as this elephant:


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