Carly is no longer looking, but we still have mailing lists for all the Snuzzles animals.

80′s Playskool SNUZZLES BLANKIES BLUE LAMBI’m looking for a 80′s Playskool blue plaid Snuzzles Blankies lamb. It’s a light blue baby pastel lamb with pink satin ears and feet and a little triangle satin nose. Its eyes are blue and look to me like eyes from Precious Moments pictures.

My Sister Charlotte was given a Playskool Snuzzles Lamb by her Godparents when she turned one. Charlotte could never bare to be separated from the lamb, she adored it. Unfortunately when she was around 10 years old we were on holiday in France and Lambie as he was known got left behind. We tried everything to get him back but the hotel claimed no knowledge.
I would love to find a new Lambie for my now 26 year old sister. I know it would be her best Christmas present ever and as her big sis I would love to make it happen. I would be very grateful if someone could help.



If you can help Carly find this 80′s Playskool SNUZZLES BLANKIES BLUE LAMB, THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MANAGED. Please use Our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP, including the POST CODE #24188, but if possible – PLEASE USE THE COMMENT BOX.

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Please be sure you Contact US with an email address that is correct, and that you will be using for a long time!! We can’t help you if we can’t contact you!!

Posted Nov 15, 2012


DISCONTINUED But Still Searching – 80s Playskool SNUZZLES BLANKIES BLUE LAMB — 4 Comments

  1. POST CODE #24188

    ebay #290810434473 lamb

    ebay #230878355403 thumb sucking bear bid item

    ebay #200847381494 elephant bid or buy now
    ebay #160922530728 elephant bid or buy now

    ebay #251183719973 pig 3 other pigs on ebay all $200 and up.

  2. POST CODE #24188

    Among those if anyone is still looking for a giraffe ebay #290819911250 new in box.

    Otherwise pigs , lambs, and one non vibrating bear at the moment. Prices as usual.

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