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Ookie PINK Baby's First Doll Blankie I’m looking for a pink OOKIE plush 14 inch triangle shaped stuffed blankie called BABY’S FIRST DOLL. It has a doll head without a face with a stocking cap and a pink satin bow. It is made of pink flannel, with a pink satin binding, and it is embroidered OOKIE across the front.

My four year old clutches onto her’s as if it is the sun and the moon. We need a pink one for her sister as soon as possible. She was just born prematurely and is in the NICU. My daughter has one in green and blue, so, we we’re trying to get a pink one, so there would never be any confusion.

Right now her big sister is being kind and sharing hers.

Thank you,


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  1. POST CODE #24204

    I found a couple of pink blankets in these two lots on ebay:



    God bless your daughters and God bless you.

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