We have a mailing list of people looking for different ones of the PJ Sparkles dolls.

80′s Mattel SPARKLINS BEAR with STARS on PURPLE SATIN I’m looking for a P.J. Sparklins Purple Bear, that has white stars, that glow in the dark. It came out in the 80′s, and when it was new it had a pink heart necklace.

When my twin sister and I were little, we were each given a stuffed animal from our grandma. I was given a Beanie Baby unicorn which I still have till this day. My sister was given a P.J. Sparklins Lavender Bear which to be honest I didn’t even know what the animal was really called till now. I only knew it by the name which she had called it since then, Sparkle Bear. Our grandma past away before we were old enough to remember her. So of course these dolls meant more than you know to us.

My sister carried that bear with her everywhere. Even the nights we stayed at a hotel, she had to have it with her. Until one morning we were about to leave a hotel and she could not find it anywhere. We called and called for weeks. We were seventeen. I’m currently 20, and about to have my first baby. I’m fortunate enough to still have my animal to pass on to my daughter. The ONLY thing that I could ever possibly ask for is that my twin sister be able to do the same one day. So if anybody has any information on this bear or where I could find one it would mean the world to my sister and I. I was hoping to give it to her for Christmas this year.

Thank you!


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