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The clothes in the picture I bought for him – he didn’t come with them.

Oinking pink velour stuffed pigI’m looking for an 8 inch light pink velour stuffed pig. He was soft but not furry. He had black round eyes and a knot in his tail. He also used to oink (but doesn’t anymore) so he has an old voice box in him. He was stuffed with beads, and later with rice. The rice from when he was leaking beads and my grandma helped re stuff him for me.

When I was 4 or 5 (1997 & 1998) my aunt/godmother gave me a stuffed pig (but never told me where it was from). That piggy was my best friend & I slept with it every night of my life up until 1 year ago. It fell off my bed and into my garbage pail while I was sleeping and my dad took out my trash. I never saw my piggy again. Worst of all, my aunt passed away of cancer (at age 52) 3 weeks before it happened. So I couldn’t even ask her questions about my piggy.

I’m desperate and will do anything to find my piggy. I’m hoping maybe somehow someone picked my piggy out of the trash and it is somewhere floating around the salvation army or garage sales or something somewhere. However, even if I don’t find that exact piggy, I’m hoping that maybe I can find the same stuffed animal and get that one somewhere (& my old piggy’s soul can live inside the new one). I know this sounds pathetic and crazy, but my piggy was my stability. I’ve lost my grandpa, grandma, and aunt within 2 years and my piggy was there for me through it all… and now he can’t be anymore. PLEASE help me find my piggy. I’ll do absolutely anything to help and I’ll give any details needed.

Thank you so much!


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