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Searching – 80′s BAH KOO with ELEPHANT SNOUT, COW EARS, LION TAIL and BOOK — 14 Comments

  1. Thank you for helping me out I order one of these and was really hoping to get what I had hoped for however it was only the book and there was no plush toy with it if you happen to find it anywhere else I would love to hear from you
    Thank you Again

  2. I’m sorry to hear that, Caroline. But I did put a warning on the mailing list email to be sure it did include the plush. I’ve seen those automatic eBay listings before that use the ISBN – so far I’ve not heard of one that actually had the plush – no matter how high the price.

  3. Sorry for the short notice but
    ebay #350841298408. It is in its box with book as a bid item ending later today. Good luck to all.
    Post Code #24370

  4. hi rosemary- thanks to your email my daughter lyndsay and i won our bah koo
    today. and i can not thank you nearly enough. the pure joy and excitement in my 28 year old daughters voice today (who is pregnant with her first child-a girl) was priceless and when we actually won- she was screaming and jumping for joy. we have not been able to find her bah koo and she was devestated. she loved him so as a child and always slept with him. last time he was seen was when she went off to college. she wanted to share this childhood friend with her daughter and because of your wonderful site she now can. so again thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts. your site is absolutely a blessing. making dreams come true
    Post Code #24370

  5. Busy day on ebay for this one. Good Luck!

    ebay #271298232326
    ebay #161127444709
    ebay #390680976497

    ebay #360766150881 This one is very similar but slightly different colors.
    Post Code #24370

  6. I just listed one of these…it’s not in pristine condition (the mane and tail are somewhat matted, most likely due to incorrect washing of this item), but if someone did want one of these in any condition, it’s up for bids! It’s Ebay item # 360786916944
    Post Code #24370

  7. ebay #161127444709 animal
    ebay #310771156199 book My apologies as I forget which post but someone was looking for the book and had the animal.
    Best wishes to all.
    Post Code #24370

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