We now have a mailing list of people looking for the various Super Pickle Characters.

Ellen needs the 6 inch CLIP Super Banana, but Jay is still looking for the 8 inch Super Banana that does NOT have the clip.

80′s AMTOY SUPER BANANA CLIPI’m looking for a 6 inch clip on Super Banana plush doll (Amtoy 80’s toy). He comes with a little cape that has the letter S on it.

Super Banana has become a permanent fixture in my Aunt’s house. He is so loved that my Aunt and Cousin have made him their Christmas Tree Topper for over 30 years. Their little super banana has lost his cape & is getting pretty worn from age. We would love a replacement to carry on the tradition.

Merry Christmas and Thanks for your help!


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Searching – 80′s AMTOY SUPER BANANA CLIP — 3 Comments

  1. I would love have one of these again. I loved my Super Banana and brought him everywhere as a child.
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  2. Click here: Vintage Amtoy Plush Stuffed Super Banana Mini Clip RARE Toy Friend of Pickle | eBay
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