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I’m looking for a late 80’s rabbit that was 12-18 inches long. His body was not defined, but rather ‘floppy’. He had no clearly defined legs, but he had paws. He had no ribbons or bows, nothing fancy.

When I was a little girl, I had this stuffed white rabbit that I took everywhere with me. ‘Everywhere’ turned out to be a horrible mistake. I took it on a field trip and forgot it on the bus. I realized my mistake immediately and tried running after the bus, but it wouldn’t stop. Days of mewling at the school’s lost-and-found proved fruitless. This was over 15 years ago, and I still think about that rabbit sometimes.

He was there for me through nightmares and an abusive father. Now I have an 8 year old little sister and want to find her the same rabbit for Christmas. I called him Flopsie, and I had a habit of calling my plushes by their brand tags. However, looking through Google for Flopsie white rabbit hasn’t been helpful. If anyone can help me find Flopsie again for my little sister, I would be forever grateful.



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    Oh say, might this be him?


    These ones might be close, too:




  2. Hi, Aurora makes a brand called Flopsies. I did a search for “aurora white flopsies bunny” on Ebay and didn’t find any, but maybe you can search for “bunny” instead of “rabbit” and find one on Google. Or just search on Ebay and see if the ones listed look anything like your bunny. Good luck with your search! -Tonya

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    These might be possibilities, too:






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