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1980 Amtoy Plush Dog - LongfellowsI’m looking for a 1980 Amtoy Plush Dog – Longfellows. I’d say the dog is 28″ long. I believe he was an Amtoy plush, but all I remember is that his tag said “Longfellows.” In fact, my sister named him “Shorty Longfellow.” He had long, skinny, dangly arms and legs, and may have been wearing a scarf.

He was a Christmas gift for my younger sister when we were little. I’ve been searching for him on and off for years! I’d love to surprise her for Christmas, if at all possible. Thank you to anyone who can provide any info!



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  1. POST CODE #24794

    Thank you, Lara!!!! It’s the exact Longfellows I’ve been searching for, for literally YEARS!!!!!!!!

    I’ve submitted an offer — hope they accept. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. My son was born in 1981 and had this stuffed animal, we named him “Rags” I had forgotten about him until I saw your post.I’ll keep an eye out for him!
    Post Code #24794

  3. I have one of these 1980 longfellows in great shape.
    Post Code #24794

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