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GUND 13 inch PINK DOTTIE DOTS CATI’m looking for a Baby GUND No. 58239, lying down pink velour Dottie Dots kitty cat. It is 13 Inches from nose to tail with a white muzzle, pink satin ears, and polka dot paws. It is all soft and does not have a rattle.

My sister gave Dottie to my daughter, Wren, before she was born. Dottie quickly became her favorite lovey. She would bring her to Mother’s Day Out to sleep with and Dottie is in several of our photos. She disappeared several years ago. Wren is now 6 years old and almost every tiime she sees a picture of Dottie or starts to talk about her, she cries. I’m not sure how to explain it, but I can tell that my child is genuinely heartbroken over the loss of her favorite stuffed animal. We would give anything to have Dottie back.



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