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2004 Dark Brown Cream Monkey I’m looking for a 2004 dark brown monkey about 14-16 inches long with cream face, ears, hands, and feet. He has a tail, too. 

My son Jeremiah has had this special stuffed monkey since he was born back in ’04. When we moved in ’09, George, his monkey, was lost! He’s been heart broken since, and we only have pics of him. I saw this website, and thought what if I found his monkey!

2004 Dark Brown Cream Monkey Long Face

Please help me,


If you can help Luis find this 2004 Dark Brown & Cream Monkey, THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MANAGED. Please use Our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP, including the POST CODE #24869

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Searching – 2004 Dark Brown & Cream Monkey with Tail — 2 Comments

  1. Take a look at eBay 130791301835 – maybe the same one in a different size?? Jennifer commented about this on our Pinterest Board pin of your post.

  2. I was given a monkey with the same face when I was 8 years old. (1980). I’m trying to have him restored. Can you post a clearer picture if possible? I would like to have it as a reference when I take him to be done. Btw. Did you ever find a replacement for your son? Apparently this type of monkey is hard to find. Your picture is the only one I’ve seen that was even close. My monkey has no tail. Do you know what company it was from?
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