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We have a mailing list of people looking for this vintage Humpty Dumpty in Blue or Red.

70′s Plakie Toy Humpty Dumpty Blue White Stripe PillowI’m looking for a 70′s? Plakie Toy 16 inch long, not counting legs, cotton stuffed Humpty Dumpty pillow. He has a printed face and a blue and white striped body. He has flat, not stuffed, arms and legs. There’s a snap closure on his back, so the cotton pillow can be removed for washing.

I got one of these Humpty Dumpty dolls as a a baby, with blue stripes instead of red. It was my favorite stuffed animal all my life. I always slept with it. It got so much love that all I have left is some tatters of the outer casing with the snap on the back and a little of the stuffing from the pillow. It would be incredibly meaningful to me to find one of these Plakie blue (or other) stripe Humpty Dumpty stuffed toys, like recapturing my childhood.



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Searching – 70s Plakie Toy Humpty Dumpty Red White Stripe Pillow — 15 Comments

  1. Would like to know if you are willing to part with your Humpty Dumpty doll. My granddaughter will be visiting for 2 weeks. Our son had a Humpty Dumpty when he was about her age and it gave him comfort while he got to sleep. I believe she would as well.
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  2. Here is a link to a reproduction, available in blue or yellow. My little sister had one in red around 1970.
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  3. I have the Humpty Dumpty doll in blue plaid. Please let me know if you’re still in need of one.

    Childhood memories are priceless. I know because I bought some of favorite toys for my niece hoping she would have the same joy in playing with them I had.
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