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We still have a mailing list of people looking for Rufus.

70′s RUFUS Pull String TALKING LION I’m looking for a talking Rufus the Lion. He was made in the 70′s and had a pull string to talk. He was kind of a yellowish brown, had a pull string at the back of his neck, an outie belly button, round, flat black plastic eyes with white felt behind them, and a bushy mane. I know now he was sold only by Montgomery Wards and made by Animal Fair in Minnesota. He was on the Christmas catalog for Wards in 1972.

Rufus was given to me buy my great grandfather in 1972. He already knew he was going to die, at the time he was a gift to me. I never knew my grandfather because he died in the war when my father was only 4 years old. Grandpa Walch was special to me because we shared the same last name and he was the only living person in our family with the last name Walch.

The Rufus I had talked and what I remember the most was I LOVE YOU. I remember pulling that string over and over just to hear that each night when I went to bed. Both of my parents were abusive and he was the only thing I remember telling me that he loved me everyday. I recently found a picture of him both new and used. When I saw the picture of him loved I broke down and cried. I am 47 years old and the sight of him made me miss him all the more. I have looked for him over the years and could not find a trace of him anyplace.

I am not the only person out here this old looking for that Special Lion. It seems he was a well loved favorite by many children. I don’t care if he talks or not I would just like to have him once again to hold. Talking would be a dream come true but I know those chances are slim.



If you can help Jennifer find this 70′s RUFUS Pull String TALKING LION , THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MANAGED. Please use Our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP, including the POST CODE #25036

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Searching – Pull String 70s RUFUS TALKING LION and I’ll Be Yours for Life — 1 Comment

  1. Julie,

    Thank you for writing! While I maybe jealous you still have yours it’s nice to know all the other people out there who loved this guy as much as I did. I actually found a picture of him tattered and torn and cried. While the nice new ones are pretty that worn one was the way a remembered him. I have been searching for him for years without even a picture. So, I know have pictures of even his original box. The group on facebook is nice enough to share pictures. I am collecting old Animal Fair stuffed animals which have the same fabrics if all else fails I will pay the money to have him replicated. I am looking for someone to record him in hopes to add a box. I would love to have a real Rufus.

    I posted on my facebook I was insearch of him and two neighbors commented they loved him too. One is looking for her in her mothers basement and promises I can visit him. It will be nice to hold one again!!

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